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Welcome to the Yurt Experience

This unique location and Aurora’s offers are a one of a kind experience as Aurora teaches classes and hosts retreats in a cozy Yurt that are geared towards Your specific needs (emotional, mental, spiritual, physical).

Before you join Aurora at her Yurt: do you know everything you need to know about the Yurt Experience ?

Did you know you can have aurora organize a retreat for you and your friends and family or host a yurt team building event for your staff ?

If you are here to book your yoga experience at the yurt use link below and meet Aurora at the Yurt.

Otherwise scroll down and quickly read through all the info about the Yurt Experience.

ps. you may also request classes/ time of class at no extra charge. Aurora wants to make sure she accommodates your schedule.

What previous Yurt guests wanted to share with you ❤️

The Yurt is a sanctuary in the most beautiful setting. Aurora is an incredible coach and yoga instructor who connects well with her clients to provide exactly what is needed for each individual. I feel so nurtured, restored and at peace when I visit the Yurt.

J. M.

I have to share this! Had been feeling some burnout and stress lately and really wanted to get away and unplug over the weekend. Found this amazing lil gem in Beaver Mines, facilitated by the lovely Aurora. So I planned a little custom “wellness retreat” for both Pete and I over three days, and it honestly felt magical, and so healing. Exactly what we needed to reset and reconnect. Aurora has such a calm, soothing energy, and her ability to speak to your heart and soul is amazing. If you are looking for something to aid in relaxation, and connection, please contact Aurora-I promise you won’t regret it!

S. R.

Aurora has a special gift. Or rather gifts! If you are ready to go on a journey and learn to take radical responsibility for your life, to become more self aware and less a victim, she has the tools to hand you. She walks with you bringing insight and compassion, along with practical guidance to help you attain your goals. Her Yurt is a lovely place of safety.

R. B.

“Aurora is a genuine space holder and is enthused to share her self-care practice with you and the Yurt is the perfect space to receive her gifts.”

J. V. L.

Find more reviews here: Customer reviews !!!

About the Yurt Experience and services

We are very excited to be offering a physical location for people to experience Aurora’s services as an Empowerment Coach, Retreat facilitator and Yoga teacher.


You can also rent the Yurt / purchase Aurora’s Services for a retreat (1-day or 2-days).

The Yurt is originally made in Mongolia and offers a very warm and soothing space for everybody to enjoy.

Aurora is holding her Yurt as a space for people from all walks of life and supports her clients on their journey of letting go, healing, growth and expansion.

Aurora’s Yurt Experience is located in Beaver Mines/ Pincher Creek, AB, Canada.

Contact Aurora to find out how she can best serve you !

What to be excited for:

The Yurt offers many experiences

You decide how you want to use Aurora’s gifts and services on your journey.

Aside from Yoga classes Aurora offers coaching meetings:

  • 1-1 or for Couples,
  • Parent-Teenager/Adult Child Dynamics
  • Personal coaching services for you
  • Stillness/ Meditation Yurt experience + forest walks to ease tension in body and mind.
  • Coaching can help you recognize beliefs and thoughts about yourself and the world that are not serving you well anymore. You will uncover your gifts through conversation and mind-exercises with Aurora.
  • Yoga can help you develop your self-care practice and deepen connection between mind, body and soul. Aurora will guide you through gentle Yoga – breath and physical exercises.
  • Enjoying the silent presence of the forest surrounding the Yurt in combination with sitting by a warm fire and maybe some silent walking in the forest can work wonders in reducing and processing your stress. Aurora will hold space for you in silence to rest in sweet calmness.

The Yoga classes inside the Yurt are very down to earth and include gentle movement. In winter, the Yurt experience is all about reflection, accountability, remembering your gifts as a man/woman. Get to know yourself on a deeper level so you can make better decisions for yourself in the future.

In the spring/summer time the classes inside the Yurt will slowly get a little more dynamic and upbeat in nature. This means that in the spring/summer time Aurora will guide you through practices that support you in expressing your true self and becoming the best version of yourself through gentle breathwork and body movement. This will certainly spark your sense of self and self-confidence.

No previous yoga experience required!

You are also not required to share and become super vulnerable. Sometimes just showing up and receiving guidance and enjoying a safe space to be in is super helpful already.

I am so grateful for you all !!!

Comments by previous clients ❤️

The Yurt is a magical place of healing and wellness. I have been to the Yurt experience many times and I’m excited for my next visit. Aurora is an amazing life coach and yogi guide. A healing touch masseuse with a physiotherapist background is a great combination for a relaxation massage (I highly recommend). Very gifted. Very personable. Very genuine. Thanks.

A. A.

“We had the most amazing time at your class, we enjoyed it so much !It was very calming and energizing! It was the best addition to our day! We will definitely be back again. Thank you so much for having us!”

A. V.

Aurora’s Yurt is a true relaxation oasis in the pines. The yurt itself blends into the beautiful foothills landscape and the warmth of the wood fire combine to create a cozy and unique “zen den”. Thank you Aurora for offering such an amazing space and leading sessions that have brought tranquility and grounding to the most hectic of days!

S. G.

Aurora’s Yurt Experience is truly unforgettable. Nestled in the foothills at the edge of the Castle Wildland, the tranquil setting can’t be beat. Aurora is a professional instructor and coach and can make you feel more connected to something bigger than yourself through her calm and intentional way of being. An absolute must experience in Southwest Alberta!

C. S.

What to expect

Depending on what you are interested in (public/ group setting 1-1 or couples format), Aurora will make sure that you feel safe during the Yurt Experience on a emotional, mental and physical level.

First and foremost, you will enjoy genuine connection to yourself by listening to Aurora’s guidance to connect to your body and mind. Aurora will host seminars/ workshops to specific topics around your well-being and relationships.

Aurora’s intention with the Yurt Experience is to support your mind to release tension by doing different kind of practices. Aurora will hold space for you where you can come to express yourself. In addition to this, Aurora provides you with tools on how you can support yourself in the best possible way.

The Classes will be kept to maximum 8 people at a time. You can either engage in the physical poses supported by blankets and bolsters or just sit / lie there in silence. Aurora will assist you and if you wish to you will also receive subtle hands on guidance for deepening your breath and the purpose to raise your body awareness. Aurora will guide you with her voice and sometimes use tools to make subtle/ healing sounds with instruments.

Last but not least, the fireplace (inspected and certified) will give the Yurt Experience the finishing touch of natural sounds and genuine warmth to make you feel welcome and cozy.

What you need to bring to the Yurt:

  1. Come as you are. No need to fit into Yoga Pants- In fact I’d rather you come in sweatpants/ Comfortable clothing please
  2. Open mind! The more open and transparent you are, the more effectively Aurora will be able to help you.
  3. No need to be flexible or to be ‘in shape’.
  4. A Yoga matt if you have one – we can provide you with a matt as well.
  5. Notebook and a pen/pencil if you wish to take notes.
  6. Your presence. Let Aurora’s voice guide you and let silence reign. No need to perform. No need to socialize. No need to small talk.


  • Public/ group setting Yoga class: 1x Drop-in $30 / 80 mins or Packages see below
  • 1-1 Yoga class: $80 / 60 mins / Packages 5x $300 / 10x $580
  • Family/ Friends/ Couples Yoga/ Coaching: 1x Drop-in $180 / 60 mins
  • 1-1 / Couples Coaching Packages : Please see coaching packages
  • Sync up call (15-30 min) to find out if Yoga/ Coaching by Aurora suits you (for free).

Also offering Yurt packages/ passes:

For public classes

20x Yurt Expert Pass – $480.00

  • valid for 6 months. Enjoy the Yurt at your own pace.Feel your body and mind changing in ways that you love it.

Deluxe Yurt Pass – $580.00

  • unlimited classes for 6 months. Taking care of yourself consistently will change you in ways you couldn’t have imagined.

5x Yurt mini Pass – $140.00

  • Enjoy a couple really sweet Yoga classes as a beginner @ the Yurt

10x Yurt Self-Care Pass – $275.00

  • Enjoy the Yurt as a Regular for 10 times

Supreme Yurt Pass – $990.00

  • Enjoy unlimited access to the Yoga Classes for 1 whole year. Radical- Self care and consistency pays off. You will develop the mindset and body of a warrior/ warrioress.

For 1-1 Yoga classes– 60 mins

1x intake session $80 – 90mins for Aurora to know your history and your wishes/ desired learning/ outcome for the 1-1 classes

  • 10x Yoga 1-1: $580 10 weeks valid
  • 5x Yoga 1-1: $300 6 weeks valid

Included in this price 5/10x 1-1 Yoga for 60 mins specifically tailored to your needs. Whatsapp support and 2-5 mins guided meditations on request (sent via whatsapp).

Accomodations close by

Beautiful and comfortable places you can stay overnight in Beaver Mines :

Booking The Yurt Experience:

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