The Yurt Experience

a cutout in the roof of a yurt

About the Yurt Experience

We are very excited to be offering a physical location for people to experience Aurora’s services as a Coach and Yoga teacher. Enjoy Seminars/ workshops, public classes, 1-1 connection.

The Yurt is originally made in Mongolia and offers a very warm and soothing space for everybody to enjoy.

Aurora is holding her Yurt as a space for people from all walks of life and supports her clients on their journey of letting go, healing, growth and expansion. Aurora’s Yurt Experience is located in Pincher Creek, AB, Canada.

The Yurt offers many experiences

During the winter months the classes inside the Yurt are very down to earth and include minimal movement. In winter, the Yurt is all about reflection, accountability, remembering your gifts as a man/woman. Get to know yourself on a deeper level so you can make better decisions for yourself in the future.

In the spring time (April/May) the classes inside the Yurt will slowly get a little more dynamic in nature. This means that in the spring time Aurora will guide you through practices that support you in expressing your true self and becoming the best version of yourself through gentle breathwork and body movement.

No previous yoga experience required! You are also not required to share and become super vulnerable. Sometimes just showing up and receiving guidance and enjoying a safe space to be is super helpful already.

Comment by previous client J.L.

“Aurora is a genuine space holder and is enthused to share her self-care practice with you and the Yurt is the perfect space to receive her gifts.”


What to expect

Depending on what you are interested in (public/ group setting or 1-1 format), Aurora will make sure that you feel safe during the Yurt Experience on a emotional, mental and physical level. First and foremost, you will enjoy genuine connection to yourself by listening to Aurora’s guidance to connect to your body and mind. Aurora will host seminars/ workshops to specific topics around your well-being and relationships.

Aurora’s intention with the Yurt Experience is to support your mind to release tension by doing different kind of practices. Aurora will hold space for you where you can come to express yourself. In addition to this, Aurora provides you with tools on how you can support yourself in the best possible way.

The Classes will be kept to maximum 7 people at a time. You can either engage in the physical poses supported by blankets and bolsters or just sit / lie there in silence. Aurora will assist you and if you wish to you will also receive subtle hands on guidance for deepening your breath and the purpose to raise your body awareness. Aurora will guide you with her voice and sometimes use tools to make subtle/ healing sounds with instruments.

Last but not least, the fireplace (inspected and certified) will give the Yurt Experience the finishing touch of natural sounds and genuine warmth to make you feel welcome and cozy.

What you need to bring to the Yurt:

  1. Open mind! The more open and transparent you are, the more effectively Aurora will be able to help you.
  2. Comfortable clothing.
  3. A Yoga matt if you have one – we can provide you with a matt as well.
  4. Notebook and a pen/pencil if you wish to take notes.
  5. Your presence. Let Aurora’s voice guide you and let silence reign. No need to perform. No need to socialize.


  • Public/ group setting Yoga/Coaching class: $20 / 80 min
  • 1-1 Yoga (physical and spiritual guidance) class: $80 / 60 min
  • 1-1 Yoga (just physical guidance): $50/ 60 min
  • Family/ Friends/ Couples Yoga/ Coaching: $120 / 60 min
  • 1-1 Coaching: Please see coaching packages
  • Sync up call (15 min) to find out if Yoga/ Coaching by Aurora suits you (for free).

Also offering 10x and 5x punch passes:

For public classes

  • 10x Yoga $180 (public class) 12 weeks valid
  • 5x Yoga: $90 (public class) 6 weeks valid

For 1-1 classes

  • 10x Yoga 1-1: $480 8 weeks valid
  • 5x Yoga 1-1: $240 6 weeks valid

Booking The Yurt Experience:

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