Ep. 21 Your minds addiction to negative and anxious thoughts [self-reflection]

Hello there lovelies,

Negative and anxious thoughts are common experiences for human beings, and they can be challenging to manage at times.

It’s important to acknowledge that negative and anxious thoughts are a natural part of being human, and everyone experiences them from time to time. These thoughts can stem from various sources, such as past experiences, fears, uncertainties about the future, or even cognitive biases.

If you find yourself caught in a cycle of negative and anxious thoughts, consider the following strategies to help manage them:

  1. Self-Awareness: Recognize when negative or anxious thoughts arise. Being aware of your thought patterns can help you identify triggers and potential sources of stress.
  2. Challenge Negative Thoughts: Once you become aware of negative thoughts, question their validity. Ask yourself if there is evidence to support or contradict those thoughts. Often, we can find that our worries are not as realistic as we initially believed.
  3. Reframe Thoughts: Reframe negative thoughts into more positive or neutral ones. Instead of catastrophizing, try to view situations realistically and consider potential positive outcomes.

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