ep.6 Reclaim your Masculinity [self-empowerment]

Today’s episode is for you if you have and love a brother,

father, uncle, son, husband, boyfriend, cousin, kind stranger etc.

Kaleem’s story in short

Married to a woman of other faith —> rejected by his family 

Just got out of Law school —> couldn’t find a job

One friend after another passed away or committed suicide

Drinking every single day to cope with life

Hospitalization – ready to check out of life .. suicide ? maybe !!!

ADHD medication and 2 antidepressants and more..

Divorced because not capable to provide and not getting better

and then ….

The day they forgot to give Kaleem his medicine he started waking up..

today’s interview is with Kaleem Sikander

Spiritual teacher

Man Circle facilitator

also badass human being..

with love A.

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