Ep.42 How to deal with difficult people. [relations]

Difficult people.

We all have them in our life 🙂

How can we deal with people who are in our life but constantly make us feel uncomfortable ?

You can’t cut them out because you are in a relation with them be it:

Family, friends group, work or some other dynamic.

It’s so draining and annoying to deal with these people and usually the conflict situation take away tons of energy from the quality we could have had with people we love.

Here is what I have learnt over the years and how I try to deal with my annoying people in my life.

Much love and thank you so much for being here

this is the last episode of season 5 thank you endlessly for your ratings your reviews and your ongoing support. I appreciate you so much and am hoping to reach even more people around the globe..

we need each other


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