Ep.40 Being adopted and the search for identity interview w/ Robin Parenteau-Walker

Hello there,

I felt pretty happy to have Robin on a call for this interview today.

Being adopted is a very individual/subjective experience.

Sometimes reconnection happens like in Robin’s case.

In other situations you never reconnect with your biological family..

either way..

how can you find peace?

how can you be at peace with your past ?

how do you find out who you are ?

This is the intro episode around this sensitive topic

Know that you matter

Know that you have a precious place here on planet earth and we need you to shine your light

you are loved ..

enjoy this very touching episode

with love


how to connect with Robin. message over Facebook 🙂


See how It feels once you admit where you are. See how people suddenly melt and also feel permitted to be real. This is what I want you to experience.

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