Ep. 4 How does your body influence your mood? [self-awareness]

Hey luv,

in today’s episode I’m really excited. We have listeners from Finland , the US and A, Germany, Canada and the Arabic Emirates already. Thank you so much for being curious. I want to bring you peace and self reflection. The better we know and care about ourselves the more we can care and support others and live a fulfilling life 🙂 the body can be seen as a separate entity. If you don’t give it what it needs it affects your emotional and mental well-being . On the flip side , when we know exactly what our body needs we are not only healthy but confident, resilient and caring with others . I’m a physio nerd 🙂 and so passionate about the wonders of the body. Thank you for listening and focussing on yourself cause you’re so worth it .

Love Aurora

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