Ep.36 Abandonment Issues. Explore your relationships. [dating and love]

Well Well Well..

Are we not all a little damaged and seeking validation and approval. Also respect ?

For people who suffer from abandonment issues it’s a totally normal thing to be anxious, to see only unreliable, unpredictable people out there

To be angry at how people are uncontrollable. To sometimes be so so angry at life that it constantly brings changes about and disappointments.

What I observed and experienced at times is that people with Abandonment issues sometimes are avoidant and even aloof .. their pain was so big in the past that they are numb now..

From when we were hurt in the past we developed strong walls, strong behaviors, strong thought patterns, believes, opinions

We sometimes even aggressively punish people who dare to come close to our past wounds/ who are trying to ‘help us’

We are not seen as weak or such even though our inner/ deepest core is very soft and sometimes if not always a little child/ our inner child that is still longing for healing

When we become aware of our own behaviour

When we start seeing that running away from potential pain is a way stronger mission for us then opening up to the magic and mysteries of life

WE START UNDERSTANDING WHY our relationships are all so freakin messy and hurtful

have a deep listen

this won’t be the only episode about this complex topic 😀

with love


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