Ep. 35 Dialectic, the art of investigating/discussing the truth of opinions, Stoicism and Astronomy w/ Gabriel de Freitas

today with me Gabriel de Freitas 

You have a choice -always 

We address the very light topics of:







hello my dear listeners,

maybe it’s the same for you and what Gabriel shares opens up your heart and mind .


Maybe this convo is deeply triggering for you. Isn’t that good as well ?

whenever we feel triggered : let’s make this an opportunity to have a conversation

find out for yourself how you feel about all this

we will be talking about

  • seeing the big picture
  • dialectic ; the art of investigating or discussing the truth of opinions
  • stoicism
  • keeping your cool in stressful times by shifting your perspective
  • what the heck has astronomy anything to. do with mental health

I feel the world can greatly benefit from perspective shifts 🙂

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