Ep. 30 Not a nice girl, Not a good boy but a real Human [explicit]

Are you shutting off half of yourself and feel dull maybe even lifeless?

Chances are you are repressed! Maybe even depressed?

Where are the warriors?

Where are the radiant purposeful men ?

Where are the creative women ?

Where are the big limitless goddesses ?

Your sexuality is bad – except in beer commercials!

Expressing your desires is selfish!

You are too loud!

You are too much!

You are asking too many questions!

You are too dark!

You are too emotional!

Your body is wrong and needs to change!

You are supposed to be motherly/ fatherly and friendly.

Be friendly and put a smile on.

You look ugly when you are mad!

Be of service even if you don’t feel like it.

You sound pathetic when you are sad.

I’m sure women and men go through these judgments in their life

and secretly suffer … I KNOW It


ENOUGH of all this bending and crawling to please and desperately wanting to fit in ..

Enough b**** and blaming and shaming . You do this because you are not aware of your own power and feel incredibly uncomfortable in your skin …. it makes me sick and it makes our society weak

I see how You dim your light

I see how you play small and crawl around

I f**^* see every bit of your people pleasing attitude and it suffocates me and makes me want to rage !!

Embrace your shadow

Don’t judge your weird thoughts and attitudes instead be curious about them . Bring them to the surface and look at them

The more you repress and let yourself be repressed the more you will die inside and end up being a shell of a people-pleasing person .

Make space for realness and in doing so you invite others to do the same

You’ll end up with real human connection and unshakable bonding

The day / months years I have been on this journey of self acceptance have been revealing, fun and terrifying but I can say today that I’m surrounded by real warriors and goddesses who open up about their stuff when in my presence and I won’t change a damn thing about this . Why ?

If you don’t know what your purpose is on planet earth start by lying less and building real genuine connection to yourself and others.

It will set you free

It will work wonders

It will make you feel ALIVE again


you fabulous beings out there

don’t be scared of being real humans


if this resonates with your soul


inspired by the way of integrity @themarthabeck

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