Ep. 30 Are you a prisoner of your own mind? [mindset and growth]

Hey there ,

You don’t have to be locked up in prison to feel stuck and restricted.

Your mind can make you feel as living in a prison very easily.

John Esteen and I have a conversation today about how you can free yourself from limiting beliefs.

Serving 20+ years on a 150 year sentence John knows what he is talking about when it comes to training your mind.

The state of mind you have will dictate the life you are living.

John made it far on a spiritual and heart opening journey.

It is because of him that 50+ inmates got out of prison way earlier than expected.

It is because of his dedication and focus and willingness that he got himself out of a hopeless situation..

Today he is inspiring thousands of people to reflect about their behavior and mindset and making them aware that you need a goal, a mission in life that is bigger than you in order to live a fulfilled life.

I know that John Esteen will be one of the biggest influencers to reduce recidivism in America and to bring people back to living from the heart.

I feel honored to be part of his journey and to share this with you.

with love,


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