Ep. 3 Do you even like yourself ? self-acceptance [self care]

Hello there,

What do you see when you look into the mirror?

Do you like what you see?

It is tough to realize that our very self critical thoughts and our mind are our strongest influencers on our well being.

How can we live in more acceptance with ourselves?

I believe the more we accept ourselves

the more we live in contentment and balance

the more we live in balance the better people we can be

the more forgiving we are with ourselves

the more forgiving we are with others

Louis CK is a Comedian that I love to mention here.

He effed up tremendously in the past but managed to learn from the consequences and was able to forgive himself

he is now back out there making people laugh..

life is too short and precious to get hung up on a mistake from the past.

let go of your self punishment behaviour and paint the picture of your future-better self

enjoy this deep dive episode to soothe your soul and busy mind

with love


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