Ep. 26 Being real with yourself [self awareness]

I’m giving you a fair WARNING in advance:

Highly triggering episode.

Full of Coarse Language. 

I am a source of hope, light, inspiration and love AND I’m also a big fan of realness.

Realness is not always nice to hear or see but it’s part of life especially if you are on a journey of self discovery and empowerment .

I feel today I had to come up with a damn good reason to post a new episode

At first I thought : 

I should not post an episode today. 

Who am I to take up space on social media during such devastating times ? 

I don’t f***ing want to talk about growth, expansion, inspiration, motivation and healing !!!! 

This would feel so self-abusive and wrong ..

But then I remembered that you guys here allow me to be real and raw.

So I decided to produce an episode for you that is real, raw, dark AF, authentic and hopefully giving you the permission to feel and allow your darkness as well.

Let’s all admit where we are standing and then go from there.

But ADMITTING to what IS is absolutely necessary here . 

I see no way around.

See how It feels once you admit where you are. See how people suddenly melt and also feel permitted to be real. This is what I want you to experience.

When you share genuine statements like;

I’m lost and confused

 I am hurting 

I’m depressed

I can’t see the light 

Where from here ?

I need help

  • Don’t you feel your heart soften a little when you can be that honest with yourself and others instead of constantly trying to drink, sleep, sex, amazon or Netflix your feelings away ?!!

I don’t want you to be happy just because you listen or watch my stuff. I want you to feel fulfilled and real for the rest of your life so I see no way around but being real and YESSSS, Dark at times.

I get so f***ing exhausted by people trying to live in denial of those devastating times and/ or trying to intellectualize the shit out of our current situation that we brought upon ourselves..

Give this precious lil episode a listen 

Share if it resonates 

Let’s go and be real today 

I deeply love and respect you, 


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Enjoy this new podcast episode today for you 🙂 

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