Ep. 24 Do we need men in our lives?

What a question to ask but I’ll do it anyways ..

Do we need men in our lives ?

A question I’m burning to ask women especially the hardworking independent ones Hey there in today’s episode of the Borealis experience I will be talking about my observations and thoughts when it comes to heterosexual relationships. This is where I made my experiences. I feel In same sex relationships there is struggles as well but the mis/communication -understanding between partners is not as severe as in hetero sexual relationships.I will be outing myself as a non-feminist today and that’s okay. I love my brothers. I’m on a journey of trying to understand them and support them and always enjoyed their company and I appreciate and honor my sisters who live at peace with themselves and let life flow and also the ones that still struggle with pain/ rejection and resentment.Enjoy and share your thoughts with meAnd in the future I’ll cover more about this hot topic Woman-single , No men around ? What now ?And Men, is that what you really need, maybe?With warmth Aurora

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