Ep. 22 What does your sexuality has to do with your mental health ? [healing]

This is just my belief that i’m expressing here and I might be wrong

I also might be right haha That’s why I will not be shy to talk about it 🙂

Suppressing your desires and sexuality.

Feeling ashamed of your desires.

Feeling misunderstood.

Not being able to communicate.

Deep fear of rejection and being ridiculed.

Absolutely not having a clue where you are standing?

Of course all of the above will have an impact on your mental health, don’t you think?

Only because we don’t talk openly about it doesnt mean it doesn’t affect us.

let’s explore together

let’s learn from each other

with love and care


See how It feels once you admit where you are. See how people suddenly melt and also feel permitted to be real. This is what I want you to experience.

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