Ep. 19 Not the regular ex convict Interview w/ Christian McCoy

What I’m absolutely passionate about is to cut through people’s prejudice.

Have a listen to this wonderful conversations I had with Christian McCoy the other day.

Christian McCoy with the Convict Connect Group.

Not the regular ex convict.

Let’s get a little better at giving people a second chance.

Sometimes we are just one weird decision away from getting incarcerated so why not starting to cut through some beliefs we hold and give people who had to spent some time in jail a fair second chance.

Christian and I will talk about 

The start of his journey after being incarcerated 

His mission with the convict connect group- completely self funded and self reliant 

The intense mental and emotional pressure when getting out of jail and being out in this world left with your thoughts

The beauty of Brotherhood

Slowly being able to trusting people again 

The daily life of convicts with structure and solid respect towards individuals


Enjoy this beautiful conversation 

Hoping to bring you value 

Hoping to shine some light onto a topic that is truly dear to me

With love

From Munich Germany 


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