Ep.2 Focussing on the broken and your past instead of your desires and future w/ Gunther Mueller

Today with me Gunther Mueller best known for the 5 step magnetic mind method and his work with Tony Robbins.

I don’t feel authentic.

Who am I?

I’m feeling broken and not enough

My body is being abused into looking better because you don’t feel beautiful ?

My past is haunting me ?

I have to live up to other people’s expectations..

These destructive thoughts roam in most people’s head ..

Gunther Mueller will show us on how to relax about all this

How to live a fulfilled life, feeling enough, handsome, beautiful, healthy and authentic

“A shift in your identity while focussing on your desires” is necessary

Gunther is giving us so many tools to be and feel empowered and become the author of our Life.

with love and deep respect


how to connect with Gunther and learn more about his work





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