Ep.2 Abusing yourself into feeling happy and healthy [selfabuse]

Todays episode I’ll publish in a couple hours and for the first time I’m nervous

It’s cause I care too much I guess

Abusing yourself to health and happiness

I’ve been waiting for a long time to publish this episode and today is the day

I’m the kind of person who is guilty of using excessive exercising , food choices/ restriction and self isolation as a way to punish myself into health and wellness, am I ? Yes I was…

Gosh writing this out makes me sweat already but this is how I approached being healthy in the past and I’m paying the bill right now

I want to inspire people to have a more loving relationship with their bodies/ with themselves and using exercise as a way of expressing yourself , enjoying yourself , taking care of yourself rather than throwing weights through the gym and feeling the intensity of self destructive “ beast mode”.

Honour your body ! This little sentence used to trigger the hell out of me because of the deep self rejection I held within my chest

Today I can say I’m doing better

My body is becoming my strongest allie and also not caring about how people judge my body heals a lot.

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