Ep. 17 Sharing your dreams and being met with harsh criticism and negativity [society, relationships]

Do you remember sharing a dream or goal as a kid and people laughing at you /criticizing you for it ?

Did you ever dream about something and were on your way to reach that dream and then suddenly you needed to quit ?

Did you ever attempt to stop engaging in your addiction and you are successful for a little while but all of a sudden the addiction takes over again ?

Trust me .. what I’m learning right now is that:

We don’t need other people to lose encouragement and to believe that we are a failure

We don’t need someone from the outside telling us that we will never overcome our addiction, that we will never find a suitable partner

WHY ??

Because our own beliefs our own thinking patterns are doing this destructive work for us/ inside of us/ most of the time unknowingly/ just automatically

What will you/what are we ALL be faced with when you decide to change, to quit, to get you pretty lil ass of the couch ?!?!!?

Have a listen dear friend


With love


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