Ep.13 Meditation #5 For when you feel poorly about yourself.

Hey you

I’m on a snow walk with bonnie and felt inspired to record outdoors today ❤️ excuse my heavy breathing haha Meditation for when you feel shitty about yourself Did that shitty feeling come from the Inside, from external circumstances , other people or just a longtime struggle ? Know you can be forgiven Know you can ask for forgiveness Know that a shitstorm can and will pass Know that it’s okay to feel shitty at times . Suffering is part of life The important thing is to stay connected to yourself . To keep doing good for yourself and never give up.Make your bed, take a bath, eat something nourishing and clean, meditate See the big picture ? Let go of anger and resentment Don’t unconsciously take on other peoples poisonous opinions or moods Sit in effortlessness and trust you will be fine If this all sounds like „too easy“ but not realistic or just a „just think positive“ scam Stay tuned for following episodes 🙂

I love and appreciate you anyways A

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