Ep. 13 Wanting to feel fresh and attractive? [self-care]


Feeling attractive for yourself 

OR to be more attractive for others ????

We have to distinguish  !!!!

In a nutshell 

Have a look at people that are really good at something. 

They are not only good at what they do but you can feel : they are in their flow 

This is so attractive and absolutely unique !!!

Do yourself good / physical self care is a must

Have a bath 

Truly enjoy and appreciate what you have and what you want and need to have in your life will follow 

Watch what you consume 

You become what you consume through your eyes, mouth, ears 

How do you want to feel ?

Confident ?

You built confidence by pursuing something that lights you up AND forces you little by little out of your comfort zone 

When it comes to being attractive to the outside world 

Yes people are attracted to handsome muscles

Yes people are attracted to money 

Yes people are attracted to boldness and courage 

You can be that person from today on !!


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