Ep. 12 Being terrified of making decisions, the sense of false security [self awareness]

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Learn how to take your time to think about all options and then take action or make peace with the situation once and for all.

Making decisions and being scared of the outcome is one thing.

NOT making decisions and expecting this to be the safe place, a place of comfort is a dangerous conclusion to make. When I look back on my life so far I can say, I strongly believe that the decisions I haven’t taken are the ones I regret the most.

Not raising your voice. Not making a statement is also a statement!

Don’t stay in the comfort zone that deep done makes you feel miserable. Take action and if you succeed celebrate, if you fail re-calibrate but I encourage you to at least reflect about all positive outcomes your actions could have.

with love and much care


Free yourself from the ongoing destructive inner chatter.

Discover who you are without all this clutter in your mind.

Let’s dive in and find out more about this juicy topic that will most likely affect you in one way or another. 

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