Ep. 10 How much self-hate do you carry within [helaing the self]

How much self-hate do you carry inside of your chest?

People watching is wonderful..

Sometimes I go into town for groceries and set an intention.

Those last couple weeks I focused on trying to feel and see the amount of self compassion people are carrying inside of themselves.

Clearly, the people who were most kind to others also seemed to feel very happy with themselves.

On the other side people who clearly don’t feel so well are not really good to be around. Body language doesn’t lie ..

And then we have the people who don’t really look well and happy but put on a happy face to not feel seen by others.. 

How much do you care about your well being ? 

And I don’t mean your physical wellbeing (for a change 🙂 

Your thoughts 

The way you feel when you are by yourself NOT distracting yourself 

Let’s dive into this cause I’m also still a bloody student to this topic..

With much love


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