ep. 1 Life is unfair at times and there is nothing you can do about it!

Are you an entrepreneur , single mum, single dad, awesome individual who struggles at times ? I mean the more than average struggle, today ?

thoughts never to share when you are a life coach:

yes, life is unfair!

yes, life is tough!

yes, life is painful uncertainty!

yes, people suck!

As a life coach my job is to provide you with tools to help you out , to empower you , to inspire you, to strengthen your sense of self.

As a human though, I know all too well that sometimes the next effing positivity message or ‘uplifting’ comment is just not gonna cut it !!

Sometimes life is just full on STRUGGLE and PAIN

What i want to share is that, yes .. sometimes you need to throw the towel in.

Sometimes you just need to let yourself go and cry your eyes out for 2 days ..

Sometimes you just need to go back to bed and sleep for 2 days straight without seeing anybody. or whatever you feel like doing given that you don’t harm yourself or others ..

Will things be awesome again right after when you let yourself fully go ?

No, probably not but maybe ..

Have your own back and let yourself go AND set a limit . is what i have learned along my journey

This is super important .

Know that you have a little deadline in place.

Know that pain and sorrow will be replaced by being patient and present . know that it will go over and


with massive love and respect


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