Ep.1 Limiting beliefs. I can’t. I’m not enough. I feel incapable of [self-worth]

Let’s chat about self-worth issues!

In today’s episode I will be diving a little deeper into the thoughts of self doubt that cripple us/ hold us back from living a life in fulfillment.

Why do these thoughts or strong believes come up ?

I want to talk more about this in the future because all to often we think people who live a happy and content life don’t face these kind of fears..

what are people gonna think?

why do I think I can do this?

no one is supporting me ?

I don’t have enough money ?

I know the competition is too big ?

I talk often about other people and their limiting believes and how to protect yourself from energy suckers and problem anticipators but today I want to talk about your and mine inner demons that hold us back.

I’m here to create a safe place for you

I’m here to empower you

with love


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