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“Aurora was so helpful with me. I got many tools I get to use for the future!”
– Anna

“Listen and learn from this lady. She sure is able to improve your life.”
– Tom

“I can see and feel more clearly now on what I want in life.” – Al

“Aurora is wonderful. She’s a very intellectual intelligent human being she’s quirky but most of all she’s my friend sometimes I call her the boss because she knows what she wants in life and she’s willing to help others to get it done in their own lives. She’s a champion and there’s only one like her that’s why she is the boss.”
– Anthony

My first time at the yurt. What a great experience. Driving in, the location was beautiful, surrounded by nature and just far enough away from civilization to make you feel like you’re in a special place. The yurt itself has quite a presence with its unique shape, lifted slightly off the ground with a wooden deck. The inside was adorned with coloured ribbons and lattice, a sweet wood burning stove for heat and all the yoga paraphernalia that one would require. Aurora tailored our session to what we were looking for. She asked what we were hoping to get from the session and shared what she herself was wanting from it. Starting with some nice easy stretches, her super smooth, soothing voice guiding and softening us, getting us ready for some deeper stretches and coaxing our minds to let go and be present. Gently reminding us to remember to breathe. She had alternative suggestions for poses if we needed. I felt safe, secure and well taken care of. She finished the session by coming around each of us and spending some time moving a very calming chime around our bodies. With my eyes closed, allowing me to focus on the ambient sounds and my breathing, the different tones of the chimes resonated deep within me. It was honestly kind of magical and so deeply relaxing. When it was done and I got up and left the yurt, I felt like I was in the zone and super peaceful. Clearly, Aurora, is in her element, and I 10/10 would recommend this to anybody.


“I know from my experience with you that even after 1-2 sessions can make a huge difference. Your work is very special. Thank you for your commitment.”
– Françoise

“Great program to improve and strengthen my relationships”
– Tony

Aurora Eggert, thank you for this space , it’s nice to value these kind of experiences.”
– Nicolas

The yurt is a truly magical place. So peaceful, so welcoming Through her previous experience in physiotherapy in Germany, her coaching training in the Netherlands and Yoga teaching experience, Aurora has a very holistic approach of what kind of experience she wants to offer. She is not teaching a lesson. She first listens to the the participants and adapt her class to their needs. And she does this with an impressive ease. Every class is unique, and after each and every class I leave the yurt refreshed with new energy and my heart is light. It is not only yoga (which is in itself already a lot!!!) it is much more! Thank you, Aurora for your dedication

F. F

thank you! can’t help but think our little journey in the yurt helped us find the next doorway in our relationship

S. D.

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