Customer reviews

“Aurora was so helpful with me. I got many tools I get to use for the future!”
– Anna

“Listen and learn from this lady. She sure is able to improve your life.”
– Tom

“I can see and feel more clearly now on what I want in life.” – Al

“Aurora is wonderful. She’s a very intellectual intelligent human being she’s quirky but most of all she’s my friend sometimes I call her the boss because she knows what she wants in life and she’s willing to help others to get it done in their own lives. She’s a champion and there’s only one like her that’s why she is the boss.”
– Anthony

“I know from my experience with you that even after 1-2 sessions can make a huge difference. Your work is very special. Thank you for your commitment.”
– Françoise

“Great program to improve and strengthen my relationships”
– Tony

Aurora Eggert, thank you for this space , it’s nice to value these kind of experiences.”
– Nicolas

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