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Get to know your future coach, Aurora!

Hello! My name is Aurora and I am so happy you found me!

I was born and raised in Germany under the influence of French culture. I got a taste of how people perceive life and things in general, totally differently depending on how and where they grew up. This ignited my deepest curiosity for human behaviour at a very young age. Working as a physiotherapist in Germany and as life coach / yoga teacher in Canada further sparks my interest to support people not only on the physical level but also on a mental and emotional level. This is why I have started to coach people to build a better life.

My 20ies and early 30ies experiences make me understand pain, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, feeling lost and resulting self-neglect, feelings of unworthiness – a whole lot better. I can now say that these experiences make me relate so much deeper and better to the people around me.

I put heavy emphasis on holding a safe and comforting space for my clients, friends and family. This is why I couldn’t be happier to being able to provide my services inside a traditional mongolian Yurt by a warm and soothing fireplace.

The Yurt Experience is where I feel I can support my clients in a most unique way.

On another note:

Have you ever heard the term emotional hygiene before ?

If you think about your physical hygiene and how you take care of your body’s health and cleanliness – how much do you care and make time and space for your mental and emotional hygiene?

I am passionate about making people aware of their blind spots/ limiting beliefs and help them see their brilliance and potential. I really get a kick out of people waking up to their true inner beauty that can’t be touched or destroyed by anything in this world but by themselves.

People say I have a warm and soothing vibe, which allowed me to deeply connect with people of all walks of life while working for many years as a physiotherapist (in Germany). 

Today, I’m bringing healing through podcasting / empowerment coaching / yoga , and I also encourage people to spend more time out in nature. 

I would like to call myself a “Perception Shifter” because this is what helped me on my path of (ongoing) healing – I love to offer perception shifting thoughts/views in order to make people feel more real, make people’s’ lives easier, their relationships stronger/ more resilient to stress.

Besides coaching, I’m also very passionate about gardening/growing food and hiking. I’m certain that in order to feel empowered and real, it starts with what you nurture your body with and what you absorb from your environment on a daily basis.

Together with my partner, my 91 year old french grandmother, my mother a couple chickens and 2 dogs I live in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

I love doing yoga and sharing my practice as a yoga teacher (RYT 200h) and am always excited to introduce people to guided meditations in my Yurt. Check out The Yurt Experience for more details.

In January 2021, when Covid really hit hard I felt the deep urge to create something beyond my family and myself and podcasting became my passion because I can reach people all over the world and spread hope and love, also coaching tools to support your journey of growth and expansion. Check it out on #spotify and #applepodcast –

The Borealis Experience podcast by Aurora Eggert .

“Stop doing what you think you should do and start living what you truly want and are called to do.”

– Aurora Eggert

Helping you to heal and improve with Aurora’s experience

I have created several coaching packages for you to empower and inspire you. To be quite frank with you, after years of healing and self empowerment, I’m offering you now what I would have desperately needed made available to me in my 20’s. I’m so blessed to have mentors, coaches and teachers in my life who help me grow and I’m proud to say that I’m a licensed NLP Master Practitioner today.

My inherent motivation is to see you blossom, rise and radiate.  

I’m grateful for all of you and I’m so happy that I can learn from you and grow together with you.

I know I can bring hope, self-love, understanding and motivation into your life.

Thank you 🙏 for being here ❤️✨

Lots of love and respect 


“The past is the past, what I’m interested in is your interpretations and conclusions about your past.”

– Aurora Eggert



My MISSION is to coach people, anyone who is ready, to uncover their true personality/potential.


My VISION is to see as many people as possible living their purpose.

An individual is most creative/ loving/ productive and in flow when living from the heart and unshakable Integrity. Integrity can only be achieved once certain parts of ourselves are being healed, questioned/analysed or simply reintegrated and this is exactly what my coaching will achieve.


A Acceptance 
U Unique
R Ready
O Open-minded
R Reliable
A Accountable

“I’m offering you a save place where you can visit and explore different angles and perspectives on your life.” 

– Aurora Eggert

Let’s build something cool together!

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