Yoga. A practice that can change your life if you allow it to

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Yoga has incredible benefits as many of you know. Besides grounding your nervous system the practice of yoga has you experience beautiful deep breaths.
Yoga has a way of connecting you to yourself that is pretty unique.
I decided to move away from gym class setting Yoga towards a more wild and free type of Yoga.
The reason being:
I feel we have enough ego driven approach to wellbeing and wellness.

Yoga is way more than just a physical practice

It is way back in 2010 that my dear friend keeps bugging me to engage in a regular yoga practice.

My excuses and resistance was insurmountable.

  • Too expensive
  • I don’t have “the body” to practice. I CAN’T FIT INTO YOGA PANTS !!
  • I’m not flexible enough.
  • The Yoga studio is too far.
  • I don’t want to feel like a dumbass – BASTA

There was absolutely no way my friend could motivate me to attend even 1 Yoga class.

Fast Forward 2018 : Being shattered by heartache and soul ache after immigrating to Canada and unsuccessfully running away from my problems: My mum hands me a Yoga Pass for 5x Class for Valentines Day at a nearby studio in town.

It’s hard to put it into words. The teachers at this studio I first attended were such amazing inspiring human beings doing. They did their very best to make you feel comfortable and at home. At the same time they were kicking your bum to surrender to where you are at in life and accept your situation.

This approach helped me heal and move on from limiting beliefs so profoundly that I could now understand why my friend from back then was so persistent.

I feel sorry that it took me closer to a decade to surrender to Yoga and it’s healing powers.

Being able to regulate your own nervous system and feeling- truly accepting of your body is an awareness that can change your life. You just understand yourself on deeper level and make better decisions based on the feedback you receive from simply listening to your soul and body.

For me having been provided with these tools through incredible Masters, Mentors and Teachers and many more tools through my Coaching and Physiotherapist journey I just can’t help myself but share with the people around me. Come to the Yurt and experience yourself on a whole deeper level. I’m really passionate to share my practice with more people and to show that yoga has not much to do with stretchy pants and flexible bodies.

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