Are you driven by your heart or your ego ?

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People think that the world will fall apart once everybody follows their own intuition. I feel the world and communities would grow stronger if we did all listen a little bit more to our hearts.

As a Yoga teacher and life coach – In my classes I encourage people to be self-inquiring and unique in their expression. Don’t just follow everything the ‘coach’ says. Listen to your inner voice and body and then speak, act, behave from this space.

Connection to your body and your mind through Yoga and/ or Mindset Guidance/ Life Coaching can give you life-changing shifts of perspective. 

Living from the heart vs from a space of ego drivenness – is more sustainable – the shift is real and can be felt all around the world. 

Go with your flow and trust that we as humans are naturally inclined to vibe together – especially when we follow our own hearts.

From which place do you operate in life : Ego or Heart ?

Ego-driven and Heart-driven living represent two different approaches to engaging with life. 

I’m very enthused to hold space in my Yurt for people from all walks of life and to bring relaxation, healing, growth, stress-release to my community.

I’m bringing people out in nature to unwind from a busy fast paced life and to hold space in my yurt. People experience something new or being reminded of something that they knew all along: 

While both may seem like similar life styles from an outside perspective, the underlying motivations and intentions differ significantly.

  • Ego-driven living : Being ego-driven is characterized by a focus on external validation, competition, and achievement. Individuals leading a life with an ego-driven mindset may be more concerned with their  physical appearance, comparing themselves to others, and seeking recognition or approval from others. The ego-driven person may push themselves beyond their limits, attempting to make ‘big steps’ without proper alignment or adequate preparation on a mind and heart level. The ego-driven approach can stem from a desire for perfection, a need to prove oneself, or a fear of judgment or failure.
  • Heart-driven living: Being heart-driven , on the other hand, is rooted in authenticity, self-compassion, and inner exploration. People who approach life from the heart are motivated by self-love, self-acceptance, and a deep connection to their own inner wisdom. They prioritize the internal experience over external appearances and competition. The heart-driven individual listens to their body’s needs and limitations, practicing non-judgment and embracing the present moment with gratitude and compassion.

In a world where people are often encouraged to follow others and conform, listening to our intuition may seem like a radical idea. However, I believe that embracing our unique selves and following our hearts can lead to stronger communities and a more fulfilling life. As a Yoga teacher and life coach, I urge my students to be self-inquiring and authentic in their expression. Instead of blindly following what others say, we should tune into our inner voice and body and then act from that space.

Yoga and Mindset Guidance/Life Coaching can be powerful tools for achieving a shift in perspective and living from the heart. This approach is more sustainable than living from a space of ego-drivenness, and the shift can be felt throughout the world. Trusting that we are naturally inclined to connect and vibe together, we can create a more harmonious world.

I am thrilled to hold space in my Yurt for people from all walks of life, offering relaxation, healing, growth, and stress-release to my community. By bringing people out into nature and providing a safe and supportive space, I help others to reconnect with their hearts and find a more fulfilling life. Whether we operate from ego or heart, the difference in our approach can have a significant impact on our lives and those around us.

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Here are some key differences between ego-driven and heart-driven living:

  1. Intention: Ego-driven living is often motivated by external factors, such as impressing others or gaining recognition. Heart-driven living is motivated by inner growth, self-awareness, and self-love.
  2. Focus: Ego-driven living places a heavy emphasis on achieving external goals or outperforming others. Heart-driven living focuses on self-care, self-acceptance, and personal transformation.
  3. Comparison: Ego-driven living tends to involve comparing oneself to others, either to feel superior or inferior. Heart-driven living recognizes that each individual’s journey is unique, and the focus is on personal progress rather than comparison.
  4. Self-compassion: Ego-driven living may lack self-compassion, as the individual pushes themselves to meet unrealistic expectations. Heart-driven living embraces self-compassion, honouring one’s limits, and practicing self-care.
  5. Inner guidance: Ego-driven living may rely heavily on external validation and follow popular trends. Heart-driven living emphasizes listening to one’s inner guidance and honouring the body’s wisdom also called intuition.
  6. Presence and mindfulness: Ego-driven living may be more focused on the future outcome or the past achievements, often resulting in a lack of presence and mindfulness. Heart-driven living encourages being fully present, cultivating mindfulness, and enjoying the journey itself.

Ultimately, the choice between ego-driven and heart-driven living depends on the individual’s intentions, values, and desired outcomes. While ego-driven living may bring short-term external validation, heart-driven living fosters a deeper connection to oneself and cultivates long-lasting inner transformation.

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