Growing Pains, Life Coach training, Amsterdam

No person ever stated that healing and growth is fun and easy. With growth comes pain, goodbyes,  loneliness, new beginnings.

Healing can only happen if you surrender and acknowledge where you are at. This and many other things is what I have learned over the past couple weeks/ months.

I travelled to Europe to earn my NLP Master certificates from Global NLP founder and trainer Nicole Schneider. Before engaging on my life coach- schooling journey I stopped over in Germany to check in on my dad after having a motorcycle accident and caught covid along the way. Staying in quarantine in a tiny european apartment with my dad for 7 days straight was interesting and healing at the same time. All of a sudden you don’t need to be anywhere, all of a sudden the time passes by in a different way at a different pace. You come to realize that your body is the only reason you are here on planet earth, you come to see, hear, feel all your thoughts. You feel very small and humbled by life. At least this was my experience. 

Shortly after testing negative again I found myself in a classroom situation in beautiful Amsterdam.

Global NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner Training.

9am-6pm for 7 days – a day of break and then another 7 days straight. Thank goodness the teacher allowed me to bring my yoga matt to sit and stretch on while attentively listening my body sure isn’t used to sitting long hours anymore. Ha!

I felt like a little 5 year old squirming around ease physical pains and tensions scared to disturb my fellow students but eager to learn valuable NLP tools.

On a physical level, In addition to just have gotten over covid and feeling caught indoors I was struggling to sleep for 5 days in a row and basically the whole stay in Amsterdam because I thought that at 37 I was still great at sleeping in 6 bed dorms in hostels. Turns out I was not !

Even though I hardly managed to meet my physical needs of adequate sleep, healthy eating and exercising I was able to pay attention to my teachers wisdom, stories and teachings.

The Teacher was fabulous at making us aware of our short comings and provided great tools to conquer our demons and limiting beliefs.

Isn’t it fabulous when you think of all the reasons and obstacles that prevent you from living a fulfilled successful life and a mentor comes along and basically tells you that these barriers only exist in your head and helps you see that you got all the resources necessary to live the life you always wanted to have ? I am still blown away and very excited for my future to unfold in helping others to heal and grow !

Having my fellow students sharing their story and watching them grow and evolve was also something very unique and valuable to witness.

We ALL go through extreme pain, hopelessness, desperation, fear. No one story is more important than the other – in the end we are all heroes capable of inspiring and healing ourselves to then go out into this beautiful world and inspire others.


A major detail I left out is that my boyfriend came to surprise me on day 7 of my training and after picking me up from school he dropped on his one knee and proposed to me in a beautifully maintained lush green park.  

I knew at that moment that I wanted to give an answer from my inner most authentic heart space and that for a quick minute I needed to close my eyes and go within. 

After checking in – My gut, my heart, my soul, my mind came up with a clear: yes !

Our values align, our communication is strong, the challenges we have can and will be conquered along the way !!

This major surprise gave me the needed power and energy to push through the 2nd week of NLP Master Practitioner.

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