Anxiety and how to make sense of it

Anxiety, Depression, Loneliness are some of the most googled topics these days.

The interesting part about this to me is that the research of these topics by people who experience anxiety all happens behind closed doors. We still live in an era where it feels very difficult to talk about these feelings and perspectives/ experiences of daily life.

How can we learn to make sense of our own anxiety?

It is obviously an inside job because it is so highly individual when and where and how a person feels anxious. There is absolutely no sense to address this topic with a cookie cutter approach. Your anxiety has become a part of your identity maybe or it makes you learn more about yourself. Whatever it is thank you for being here and reading this, to take ownership, to show up for yourself. I respect you for this and on a side note, it also makes me feel less alone with my anxiety and panic attacks 🙂 .

The loneliness that comes with Anxiety is immense.

Instead of telling you how to deal with your anxiety I prefer and would love to ask questions because this has helped me so greatly in the past. It is not so much about digging deep and getting back to traumatic experiences but rather inspiring growth and empowerment. Let’s get started:

Do you remember the first time you felt anxious ?

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