Productivity without burning out

Quit “shoulding” – on yourself

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Breathe and recharge your batteries

I noticed that who ever I work with, no matter where people come from we will talk about productivity and or burnout at some point.

Being productive is just as important for a dad/mum as well as for a young startup entrepreneur or a senior CEO trying to fit into the new world.

How can we increase our productivity without burning out? In which way is productivity important to you and are you able to protect yourself from burnout?

What I have learnt along my journey is that with productivity and high pressure people tend to think and act as If self-abuse or self-punishment in the form of thinking like:

  • I should accomplish this
  • I should be better at this
  • I should make more time for this
  • I should get this done by then and then

Is an absolute MUST to achieve goals?

Here is my question though ? How much pressure and running around is sustainable?

Can a more gentle approach combined with resting and relaxing times be more desirable and be more productive at the same time?

Think about this: 

How much does your body care if you are successful or not?

How much does a child-relative care about how successful you are?

And last but not least :

How much do you care about being healthy and good to be around when achieving/ getting to your goals?

Sleepless 10-14h nights at the office are NOT COOL anymore.

Studies and research is coming out about important sleep really is and how radical you should take care of your mental health if you struggle with insomnia.

Also please check out:

SleepAdvocate promotes your intrinsic right to sleep well, be rested, and enjoy life’s awakenings: provides evidence-based, practical, professional, medical guidance for persons and for organizations.

You will learn so much about your sleep patterns. very insightful site!

If you feel stuck or unsatisfied with your productivity, don’t hesitate to reach out:

Do not wait until your body forces you to take a break by becoming sick. Become a master in being proactive in preventing physical ailments and mental health problems.

If you want to enjoy a couple other topics I address for your wellbeing and mental health check out my podcast here:

with love and much respect


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