Abandonment Issues

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A story of pain and deep shame

Dealing with abandonment issues can ruin your life

overcoming Abandonment Issues is so liberating!

It is important to become aware of your own behaviour. To reflect about my own abandonment issues several years ago was one of the most painful growth pains I went through. It was important to become aware of this highly dysfunctional/ destructive behaviour because it allowed me to move on, heal my relationships and build new nurturing relationships and most importantly to feel like myself again.

It is pretty sobering to realize that:

  • it was me who was in pain and added pain to other people’s life
  • it was not the outer circumstances or people who tried to hurt me but my distorted lense through which I used to see life
  • it was me who had to go engage on a very humbling path to self-discovery and healing
  • it was me who had to ask for forgiveness and not to torture people to forgive me
  • it was me who had to have the courage to not hate myself and go farther/ deeper into victim mentality but to know that I deserve to be forgiven and to move on

ps. If you’d like to listen to my podcast episode regarding this topic find it here: The Borealis Experience Podcast

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I feel deep gratitude to the people who gave me a second chance.

Today I encouraging people to give themselves a second chance and to heal (quicker than I did), as we only have this one life to enjoy, so better waste our time wisely and without regrets 😀

I am happier now than ever before.

Being more aware of my mind clutter and pain, I learn more about healing and growth. I’m not a hot mess anymore who is feeling threatened all the time but I’m a kind and chaotic human being who is trying her best every day, still failing and falling at times but genuinely interested in living a live at peace with myself and others.

I am content and happy not because of my Partner, friends, family, my coaching business, Dogs, possessions I own or my health – (although this all plays a huge role in contributing to my happiness)


  • because I was made aware of what I need to work through to liberate myself from pain !
  • because I was provided with the tools and resources that would help me to finally heal

Where do you feel the need to grow?

Where/ with whom do you still feel like a victim?

with love and much respect


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