Decision making can be terrifying!

Decision making and being scared of the outcome is one thing..

NOT making decisions and expecting this to be the safe place, a place of comfort, is a dangerous conclusion to make.

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So far, when I look back on my life I can say, I strongly believe that the decisions I haven’t taken are the ones I regret the most. It is the little decisions that will compound and make up your life. Let’s explore how you make decisions or if decision making is a red flag for you.

Also, not raising your voice, not making a statement or a choice is also a statement!

Don’t stay in the comfort zone that deep done makes you feel miserable. Take action and if you succeed celebrate, if you fail re-calibrate but I encourage you to at least reflect about all positive outcomes your actions could have. Make the decision that resonates with your heart.

Make time and space to reflect in silence.

Turn down the volume of all the noises in your head and make it really clear for yourself what you want and need. This process is critical for you as you grow, heal and move forward from a life you feel stuck in. Liberate yourself from all distractions and behaviours that keep you stuck and far away from your goals. Be bold and sit with yourself. Listen to your inner guide. Find your inner guide. Some people call it the gut feeling.

Whatever it looks like or feels like for you:

allow yourself to be real and don’t be too concerned about the outcome. Trust that all will fall into place once you engage on your journey that is unique to you.

It takes time but making the time is incredibly worth it and I don’t want you to regret anything and being passive about your life when you could have taken action is something you could regret down the road.

with love, respect and much care

your coach Aurora

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You are the master of your life!

decision making in a picture. you have a choice. Make a decision and walk your talk

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