Time to grow, darling!

a person sitting on wooden planks across the lake scenery

Do you feel stuck and somewhat lost? Are you uncertain about what the future holds for you? Maybe it is time for you to grow and let go.

rocket launch space discovery as a metaphor to invest in yourself. It's time to grow
be unstoppable on your journey to self-discovery

On my journey I learnt that taking action is the first step and the beauty is: It doesn’t have to be a big, extravagant first step but a step out of your comfort zone.

It is time for you to grow and of course it is you who will know when the time feels right but don’t waste too much precious time. You can read as many self help books and listen to as many inspiring podcasts as you want but if you don’t directly apply what you have learnt, if you only just let it roam and simmer inside of you than you will not move in any direction.

That feeling of not living up to your potential is slowly but surely eating you up from inside though, right? You might even be short and unpleasant with loved ones because you are not living up to your true potential.

Try this:

Ask yourself these two very simple yet profound questions:

  • what is it that you want to start investing time in ?
  • what is it that you want to stop investing time and energy in ?

Be precise and clear and then: stick to it as if your life depends on it.

Doing this little exercise will train your mind to not only focus better on your dreams and goals but it will start to help you distinguish between which thoughts and actions will become useful in your future (to move forward towards your goals) or categorize them as unuseful and discard them after a while. You will find yourself with more energy and drive. Also your confidence muscle is being trained. The more you tap into your power, the more you become unstoppable reaching your goals.

This is the first step. You did it ! It’s done !

with love and respect,


a little plant growing as a symbol for growth. time to grow! visualize yourself as a gentle little plant
a little plant growing as a symbol for growth and courage.

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