To all the brave warriors and warrioresses!

You mighty warrior, you radiating warrioress, I’m excited to hear your story to learn about your struggles and desires. Enjoy the little read of what inspired me to finally show up for you.

A warrior/ warrioress to encourage and inspire people to believe in themselves.
You are the master of your life.

Why I became a Coach:

I’ve always wanted to inspire people to connect to their own strength and I started my own little business a couple years ago. This is my new website where you will find many useful blog posts and podcast episodes for your wellbeing and success.

In 2008 I graduated from physio school and started working as a physiotherapist in Munich, Germany. I really enjoyed my job thoroughly, helping people with fresh injuries/ after surgery or supporting sport teams was all great fun.

At the same time the feeling of having something missing in my life to provide excellent support for my clients was eating away at me.

Long story short, after a huge heartbreak story and me immigrating to canada and living in the forest on my grandparents farm I was able to find the space and time to figure out what exactly was missing in my life.

I needed to urgently heal from my childhood and teenage wounds and to find ways to save myself from ongoing escaping and run away mode.

So turns out the only thing I was really missing in my life was a deep and true connection to myself in order to not only function in society but to thrive at living my best/ most juicy life and becoming an excellent coach.

Today, I can say I’m a self-help veteran who learnt so much along the way by not being booksmart but by becoming street/ people smart and by, quite frankly, walking through emotional and mental hell.

Additionally I can say that the suicide rates among young men in 2015 here in Canada and severe depression in a loved one made me become super inquisitive about mental health. The questions that tortured me and today strongly drive me were:

  • what is it that drove these men to see suicide as the only option?
  • how can we as a society make sure to prevent suicide?
  • how can we better the communication between men and society?
  • how can we understand better?

My only conclusion was: Ask men, learn to understand men and most importantly for my healing journey: make peace with men.

With my story of abuse by men, which I share in my podcast, it would be easy to conclude that i’m drawn to women circles and the feminist movements of this world.

I must say though that my soul and entire being is drawn to make peace with men and to advocate for unity and peace – encourage raw conversations between sexes. The stronger our relationships, the stronger our society can be. The more I can help men to express what’s going on and have women listen and understand the more I will feel I’m able to add positivity and peace to humanity.

p.s Please don’t feel misguided thinking that my focus is only on hetero-sexual relationships. I help people from all backgrounds and walks of life, I’m merely sharing what sparked my journey.

During coaching I love getting to “the lightbulb moments” with my client but what I enjoy even more is when the people who consult with me come to the conclusion that it is time to grow and let go. Time to surrender to their own power, to forgive and forget and trust that everything will fall into place.

I used to intensely resist to embrace this little sentence:

EVERYTHING WILL FALL INTO PLACE … but I can see now how it feels and how it unfolds in my life and I wish this upon everybody I meet and especially the people who feel they don’t deserve a second chance.

Thank you for reading and appreciating my work.

Thank you for your ongoing support of my podcast The Borealis Experience – which grew out of nothing during covid times as an urge to produce something that can add peace, joy and self-reflection to your life.

More content coming soon!

In the meantime enjoy finding out how I could help you by checking out this site here:

Much love and respect!

– Aurora

2 responses to “To all the brave warriors and warrioresses!”

  1. Well hello there Aurora, and welcome to the blogosphere! Wishing you all the best with this new venture, and I hope you enjoy your time here. Looking forward to seeing all the new content from you, such as the most recent post you put out!

    1. Hello there dear, thank you so much for being here and for enjoying my content. Let me know if there is any topics you would like me to address in the future. Cheers, A.

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