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Life Coach / Intimacy Coach / Emotional Intelligence Coach / Yurt Retreat Host

I’m supporting Individuals, Couples and Business owners to unlock their full potential when it comes to relating to themselves and the people around them. As I believe : Relationships are life.

Guiding you to unlock your full potential, becoming a strong communicator and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Nurture the Connection, Ignite the Passion, Embrace Love.

As humans our stress resilience will get tested in the coming years. The better you know yourself, the better decisions you will make, and the stronger your relationships will be. Take radical ownership over your life, behaviour, patterns and become self-aware. So self-aware that your anxieties, insecurities and/or negative self-talk will be turned into your strongest allies.

Welcome to Aurora Eggert Coaching, the place you will get tools and support to develop yourself!

P.S. Coaching services available in English and German!

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“Now it’s more important than ever to find out who you are and what you are made to do here. Let’s find out together what your purpose is! Let’s make it easy for you to live in integrity and flow.

– Aurora Eggert

Meet your future coach, Aurora.

Hello! My name is Aurora and I am so happy you found me!

I was born and raised in Germany under the influence of French culture. I got a taste of how people perceive life and things in general, totally differently depending on how and where they grew up.

This ignited my deepest curiosity for human behaviour at a very young age and so I have started to coach people to build a better life.

Aurora Eggert Coaching can help you

  • Get more confident at work, in your relationships, in life
  • Become a strong communicator
  • Find your inner peace be more focused and clear, also productive
  • Find the purpose for your life
  • Develop yourself and make long lasting, nurturing connections with others
  • Handle difficult situations with grace
  • Become happier and more satisfied with your life
  • Get new perspectives
  • Build a life you’ve always wanted to have

How do you perceive life and why do you perceive it this way. Is the way you perceive life serving you?”

– Aurora Eggert

What people are saying about Aurora Eggert Coaching:

“Lovely, calming and inspiring human being who has pushed me forward and given me tools to get where I want to be. Direct but a gentle coach. I can’t thank her enough!”

– Elisa (Finland)

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